Outfit Post: Trees on my dress + freebie

Recently I've been all about finding clothes with cute print on them. I found this dress at Target on sale for $12. It is a combination of different types of trees! One of the many reasons why I love it is because you can match it with just about anything! green vest + red purse? doesn't matter because the dress has just about every color!

dress: Target
Green vest: Old navy
red purse: Charming Charlie
shoes: Marshalls 

If you have a Target nearby, I suggest your run over and catch this dress before it's gone! I couldn't find it online, but here are some other dresses with cute print.
{click pictures for direct link to dresses}

50% off!

Zebras! Ugh! 


Here's a free download of Tree Print! Print it out 8x10 and hang it somewhere nice in your home/office/room! 

Click here for download- One week

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