Sunflower Dreams

When Andy told me he saw a sunflower on his way to goodwill by our house my heart fluttered with joy! I had been looking for a sunflower field for a while, but was never able to find one. I knew right away I wanted to wear a simple while lace dress. I figured the white dress would make the sunflowers stand out! I (of course) had to pair it with my jean vest. Without it, the dressed looked too pretty and it's just not me!
 This field was in the most random place! Right by US1,  towards homestead. Although it was private property, I kinda snuck in while Andy took pictures from the outside(he was scared lol). We didn't spend too much time there because it felt like 1000 degrees outside. But we were able to snap a few pics!

Here are my favorite white lace dresses I found online! 
Click on the photographs for the direct link!

Love it!

Love the deep V-Back

A bit more pricey...But look at the detail! LOVE

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