Thirfting Adventure Part II

{Happy Saturday}
After checking out "This and That" thrift store, we headed to a much more "fancy" and "cooler (weather)" thrift store. This one is located on US 1 & 174st called "Antique Mall Y'All."
The reason why I love this "antique mall" is because it is not full of junk, but actually has things that you could tell were once treasures to some one. Obviously it's much more pricey, but you will definitely find something with history & story, rather than just dust. But first we had to grab some delicious coffee & donuts

My favorite blog "A Beautiful Mess" posted 10 thrift tips 2 years ago and I think they still hold true today! Head on over to their blog, if you haven't done so yet, and check out how inspiring and beautiful they are! 

Tip #2 is one of my favorites because many times I end up grabbing a bunch of items, but only loving a few things! It is very easy to fill up your house with a lot of stuff. Only buy what you love. Think about the item and if what they are asking for is worth it. I've been wanting to collect Pyrex Bowls for a while. These (Pictured below) were in great condition. Might I add they were in the shade of mint and peach! But they were $32 each. Did I love them? Not enough to spend that much!

I also love Tip #4- If in Doubt, Don't...
I saw this really cool handy calculator! I didn't know how to use it but it was just so unique. I wan't sure where I would put this...or if I would ever even use it. I was doubting the item, so I left it. If someone out there is collecting really vintage calculators, I would say go and grab it! 

Tip #6 is very important! Think about what kind of vintage items you want to collect. My hubby and I love vintage cameras, so we are always on the lookout for some. We know how much they approximately "should cost" and if we can find them in better condition and for a better price. Do your research and pick only a few collections! You don't want your house took look like a thrift shop!

Tip #9- Question each purchase.
If you are planning a vintage-inspired wedding, you know you have to find vintage items to place around your wedding. Think about every item. What are you going to do with it? Where is it going to go? Are you sure you really want to spend that much for this? Can you find it in better condition? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. If not drag a friend along, and have her keep you accountable so you don't overspend or hoard too much.

Last but not least- Tip #10- It's okay if you don't find a "find." 
We left empty handed that day! But I was so happy to have seen so many cool things. I also did some research, by looking at how much they priced their items. For example, If I were to find that handy calculator or something similar somewhere else, I will for sure remember that this shop priced it at $20. I will know if its cheaper or more expensive.

Thifting can be so fun! Follow these 10 easy tips to make the trip more memorable and "affordable." 

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