DIY: April's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I helped planned April's baby shower (Andy's sister). Linda, did such an amazing job organizing, planning, and decorating for the party. Here are a few of the pictures I captured that day!

I was in charge of games. We played "name that Stache" and "Name the Baby" (since April & Joel wanted to keep the baby's name a secret). I also planned a Onesie Decorating Station. We got the onesies at Target and everything else at Joann's Fabric Store.
I decided to have materials for three "craft levels".
1. Easy: Stamps! Grab some stamps and Fabric Ink Dye and TA DA
2. Medium: Stencils! Joann's had two packets of small stencils in the sewing area. One were animals, robots, cars, flowers and the other packet were letter stencils. I got both. + all kinds of different Fabrics. So that people would trace the stencil, and then use fabric glue to attach it to the onesie.
3. Hard: Free Style! Create your own design

Make sure to always have a piece of cardboard in between the onesie. 
If you have any questions on how to make your own onesie station contact me!

wait till you see the maternity pics Andy and I captured!

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