Photo Adventure: Disney World

A couple of weekends ago we decided to drive up to Orlando and visit Disney. Andy hadn't been to Magic Kingdom since he was a i was really excited about showing him all the "magic" Disney has to offer. We celebrated my little cousin Kiana's birthday, which landed exactly on the day we went. What a magical birthday. This trip was the beginning to my #31daysofcelebration (meaning 31 days till my actual birthday) We had a blast! Here's some of the pictures we captured! 

One of my favorite parts about Magic Kingdom is the man selling a multitude of balloons. Idk why! It just always captured my eyes. (you will see them again later on)

Polka Dotted Overall :Find here Forever21
Snow White Crop Top: Macy's 

My favorite shirt! I found it at JcPenny
Mickey Shirt: Find here

This Lemonade Ice Cream made Andy feel really sick afterwards! 

The next day we ended up at Downtown Disney for breakfast and shopping!

My favorite Princess is SnowWhite <3