ModCloth + SimplyLively

When I got an email from Modcloth, asking me if I wanted to participate in a little outfit ensemble contest I said sure, why not!

Here's my story from Wanelo

My Story:

Summer, the season of pool parties and fun is approaching fast, so you have to make sure you are ready!
 Now, before you go to ANY pool party, you must know what to wear with that Beach Blanket Bingo two-piece bathing suit you purchased from 
Something you are going to need ( in order to make a statement and stand out at the pool party) is color. 
It's summer! Color is in! 
and yes, Flamingo pink shorts and a mint crop top are two complete different colors, but can totally be worn together! Pair that with a Uptown Jubilee hat and some  Hollywood Thrills shades and that cute guy you've been eyeing for a while will totally notice you! 
Don't forget to be confident! Rock it!
 OH and make sure you don't miss those cute mouse flats! (your friends WILL be asking you where you got them) 
Now, that you've made a grand entrance, it's time to show off that awesome two-piece retro looking polka dotted bikini! 
Eat, drink, and float on The Rind of My Life float
Finally, after lots of laughing and swimming (...or just floating), relax and put on a comfy "Fashion will find a way" top. This top let's you feel a bit more at home, specially if you forgot to put on some sun screen and got a bit burnt.
NOW, if the party is coming to an end, don't fret ! I'm sure there is something going on downtown (it's summer!), put back on your Sweet as can Beat shorts and your On Crop of the World top, with your Mouse Party Flats! AND don't forget to put your Uptown Jubilee hat back on (you know that hair might be a bit crazy from the pool). OH and Take your watermelon floaty with you, you never know when you might need it at the end of the night ;)

That's my story, what's yours?

Make sure you head on over to ModCloth to see what other bathing suits they have, ranging from all different colors & sizes!