Favorites of 2014

Wanted to put some of my favorite photos that i've taken this past year. I can't believe I did over 35 photo adventures this year. Some of which I haven't even shared with anyone yet. God has truly blessed me with fun people who trust me taking pics for them. Looking forward to 2015. If you would like to collaborate with me please hit the contact link above.

Fall Outfit Post

This was totally last minute set up for a shoot andy had to do with guitars. I will post those later, once they are on the website!

I see myself wearing this outfit almost every day! I just can't help how comfy it is. The shirt is just a simple cotton shirt I found at TjMaxx for like $7 dollars....and as you've seen before, my handy Kimono! gahh I love it. I should buy a new one!

These are some of my favorite pictures, all captured by @Andyryanflores and edited by me. He's the best. 

Hat: H &M

Kimono: TjMaxx

Shirt: TjMaxx

Tights: Forever21

Boots: Steve Madden 



Tell Me What You See

I was hesitant to share this because of all my imperfections. I didn't know andy would be sharing this footage, so of course, i looked like a hot mess. But when i listened closely to what andy shared with me through this video, i couldn't help but share how sweet and loving he is. How he loves me besides all my flaws and imperfections. Video is just one way for andy to express how he feels. His thought and process through out the whole ordeal is mind boggling. We shot this in 20 minutes. I was cracking up half of the time, thinking about what kind of video our neighbors would think we were recording (bc we had the window open.) But he knew exactly what he wanted and his vision quickly became a reality. The fact that the video ended up being about me, makes me a little nervous, and hesitant, but more in love with my husband every time I press play. Thank you to everyone that has watched it and commented on it. and thank you Andy, for always loving me.