Photography Post: Summer

I have a love hate relationship with Miami weather.

There's days that I absolutely like the hot sunny days.

Then there are days that are so hot you want to die.

It also rains ALMOST every day in the afternoon.

So when you have a shoot planned for a specific time, and it rains cats and dogs, you get a bit frustrated.

But then Miami sky has a way of clearing up so quickly, you can be outside 20 minutes after a huge storm.

You see? Love/Hate/Love/Hate.

This is exactly what happened on the Sunday afternoon that Hannah and I decided to go shooting.

Hurricane wind speeds, lighting, rain, and thunder ruined our spirits as our shooting time came.

But I knew I didn't want give up on the day.

So nearly 45 minutes before sundown, Miami decided to change it's mood, and allowed the sun to come out and play with Hannah and I.

And here are the images that I captured on this very hot, humid, rainy, summer day.

You can see more on my

flickr page.

How pretty does Hannah look? AMAZING