Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Yesi!

(Final Picture)

**disclaimer** This is Andy, Yesi's husband, writing this post.

I wanted to create a quick blog post about my lovely wife and how we created this fun birthday picture. So here we goooooooo!

So to start off we wanted a very clean look so we set everything up on a white wall in our kitchen.

We used two lights to accomplish this look. One giant soft box and one single Home Depot metal lamp. The soft box covers a large area creating a very even distribution of light. It's not very harsh which is good for the exposure of the photo. Behind her is the Home Depot light. This light is to give her a halo like effect over her right shoulder.

We snapped a few test shots, but didn't quite like the look yet.

So we added a white pillow case on the table covered with a piece of large glass from a picture frame. It gave it a very clean look which helped the over all idea of the photo.

Next we felt like it would be nice to showcase the awesome cupcake. We snapped some shots of the cupcake alone and brought them into Photoshop put the cupcake on top of the photo we chose of her. Which resulted in this next photo. 

So once we reached this point we were ready to give the photo a fun edit and Shazaam!!! The final picture is ready!!!

>>> link to the preset I created in aperture: http://we.tl/2Q3qJwg9ZI

I hoped you enjoyed this fun little post. I love you Yesi!

    - Andy ( the husband )