Photo Adventure: My Bike

I found this Alice&Olivia bike at Target almost a year ago. It was love at first sight! From the floral print, to the basket, and the bell, I couldn't help but want it. Of course $300 was out of my budget for a bike. After a while, I lost hope. I didn't see the bike at Target anymore. Someone had purchased it.
One afternoon, I decided to roam around and see their deals. Their Neiman Marcus Line was on sale finally! I quickly searched bikes and there it was! for $150 including free shipping. SOLD!
I had been wanting to take it out for a photo shoot since I got it. Andy finally agreed, and this day was perfect. 
I decided to wear my "Lauren Conrad" blue bike dress with a peter pan collared shirt underneath. 
Of course, you can still find the bike on EBAY for $400!